How Our Lightning Warning System Works?

A typical setup of ALRAS Lightning Warning System

Our ALRAS Lightning Warning System in-house web server get its weather data from the NEA server or any other weather forecast map service provider.

After interpreting the raw data, GSM signal is send to the selective ALRAS Lightning Warning System Controllers at site.

ALRAS controller will received the command signals to either turn-ON or turn-OFF the Siren or strobe light at sites to notify the end-users of the current lightning storm situation.

The ALRAS controller will also send SMS Ligtning Waning Status messages to the end-users mobile phone if this features is activated.

ALRAS Lightning Warning System Typical Hardware Lists

ALRAS – Main Controller :

* Receive lightning Warning Message from GSM network.

* Forward lightning warning Message up to 10 user mobile number.

* Auto mode, automatic activate strobe light and siren.

* Manual mode, user can bypass and manually activate/deactivate  strobe light and siren.

* Instant mute the siren in auto and manual mode

* Panel LCD display lightning warning message.

* User programmable key pad.

* System 24/7 operation, daily operating time setting.

* Connect up to 10 high power LED strobe light and siren.

* Build with high power transformer power supply for reliable operation.

ALRAS – High Power LED Strobe Light

* 50 watt high power flashing.

* Very low actual power consumption @ 5 watt.

* Power supply input by DC 24V

* Selection of Red and Amber color

ALRAS – Siren (Piezo Siren) 

* Power supply input by DC 24 V

* Very low power consumption

* 105 decibel acoustic output

* Up to 32 tones selectable

ALRAS Lightning Warning System Typical Software or Back-end System

ALRAS – Status Display Screen on Server System

ALRAS – Detection Domain Setting on Server System

ALRAS –Lightning Warning Data Login Reports

ALRAS –Typical Lightning Warning SMS message

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