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We are the manufacturer for ALRAS – Lightning Warning System in Singapore since 2008.

Reliability, Quality Assurance and Cost-effective is our main objectives when we designed our ALRAS – Lightning Warning System.

We have been in the market for more than 15 years. Our Lightning Warning System have been installed in more than 350 location sites covering Singapore and overseas markets.

Our Lightning Warning System is fully compliance to Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) requirement and SS555:2018 standard – Code of Practice for Protection against Lightning.


In the market, the current  Lightning Warning System is based on measurement of electric field strength of the cloud to determine the lightning risk. Hence does not correlate to a confirm lightning strike event that present as a “false” alarm.

However, our Lightning Warning System is designed based on measurement of electromagnetic field strength and the distance of the discharge to determine the lighting risk, with proper selection of radius and event occurrence to determine the lightning risk. This represent a more certain of lightning risk detection.


“Draft standard IEC 62793 deals with Thunderstorm Warning Systems (TWS). This standard introduces many definitions and deals with many technologies. The study concentrates on Lightning Location Systems (LLS) and local field mill detectors. Regarding LLS, the European lightning detection network is used as an example for determining its efficiency with respect to warnings of cloud-to-ground lightning in Western Europe using the definitions given by the standard. In terms of field experience, LLS have maintenance rules that are under responsibility of the LLS operator. But in case of local sensors such as field mill detectors it is crucial that maintenance is made by the user or a specialized company. Field experience in harsh environment shows that local sensor of the field mill type may give false warnings or at the opposite no warning if not properly maintained. The new draft standard IEC 62793 Ed. 1 addresses specifically tests on local sensors introduced to increase their withstanding against environment.”

Our Lightning Warning System is designed based on NEA Singapore (Lightning Warning System)  or other lightning mapping service provider.

Following which summaries the advantages against the typical Localise Probe System (Lightning Warning System) when using our ALRAS Lightning Warning System:

Low Cost

Low cost as compare to high cost setup of a Lightning Warning System.

High Accuracy

Accuracy for Point of lightning impact is 100m.

Large Radius

Radius: Capable to set from (min) 1km to 16km ( max).

Provides Important Information

Provides information of range and direction of possible risk.


Able to interface with others system eg. BMS, PA system etc.

More Accurate

More accurate detection method than a Localise Single Probe System.

If your sites need an Automated Lightning Warning System or you thinking of replacing your current Lightning Warning System, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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